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Reviewed by Tony Annicone

The second show of Starlight Productions is "Weekend Comedy" by Sam and Jeanne Bobrick. A couple in their early fifties and a couple in their early twenties have accidentally booked the same cozy cottage in the Catskills for Memorial Day weekend. The older couple are Frank and Peggy Jackson, a hard working couple who have been married twenty three years. The second couple, Tony and Jill, a model have been living together for three years. The two couples decide to share the cabin for the weekend and what follows is the clash of two generations. Director Wayne Lucas casts the show beautifully and elicits comic moments in their contrasting view of the world and in their misunderstandings and arguments. He comes up with a winning formula for the merry mayhem that ensues throughout the whole show.

Wayne gives his cast some clever shtick to perform including a funny headlock scene and a mooning scene that has to be seen to be believed. The older couple are played excellently by Bruce Lackey as Frank and Camille Terilli as Peggy. Bruce's character reminds you of Archie Bunker and Ralph Kramden. He is blustery and mad at his wife and the other couple. His caustic barbs are comical. But Frank finally shows he loves his wife after he finishes with his tantrums. Bruce's line delivery and facial expressions fit this character to a tee. His funniest moment occurs when he moons the younger couple, leaving the audience in stitches. Camille is fantastic as the long suffering wife. She has many brilliant one liners that will leave you rolling in the aisles. Some of them include Frank being a Republican because he never apologizes for anything and after the mooning incident that he stood stark naked singing the Star Spangled Banner. Peggy is always reading romantic novels to fulfill her sexual needs because Frank is lackluster in that department. Her funniest moment occurs when she finally stands up to Frank's insults by pouring beer on his head. Bruce and Camille play well off each other and their counterparts, too.

The younger couple are well played by Michael Daniels as Tony and Sarah Desmond as Jill. Tony is a rich spoiled brat who gets his comeuppance later in the show when Jill gives him an ultimatum to marry her or else. Even though Tony can be unlikeable at times especially when ridiculing Frank, this is where Mike plays things very dramatically in the first act and needs to lighten things up. Also his long hair kept getting in his eyes stealing focus from his lines. Mike makes the transition into a calmer person later on and plays the second act more comically as it should be. His race with Frank is a laugh out loud moment and his being put on the spot is very funny, too. Sarah is excellent as this demure character who finally puts Tony on the spot. It is finally the time to make a decision after having lived together for three years. They catching Frank and Peggy necking in the first scene is a show stopping moment, too. Sarah is very comical during the whole show. Stage manager Mary McKenna keeps things running smoothly during this show. I have many pleasant memories of this show having directed it at the Newport Playhouse in 2006 and 2014. So for a fun filled comedy that will keep you laughing all night long, be sure to catch "Weekend Comedy" at Starlight Productions before time runs out.

WEEKEND COMEDY (1 to 18 December)
Starlight Productions, 192 Anawan St, Building #6, Fall River, MA
1(978)835-4409 or

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