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reviewed by The Old Grump

by David Auburn
directed by Al Morin

Robert Waldo --- Fielding
Catherine Christina Saad --- Wolfskehl
Hal Brian --- McPhee
Claire Christina --- Petrillo

Fortunately for me, I had never seen or knew the story line of Proof. The play has enough twists to keep you interested. Prior knowledge of the story would have spoiled it for me. I don't like to know who did it, before I see a who done it. I will say that it is a drama about a mathematician with a mental disorder, his daughters, and a young professor. It takes place at the family home, on the outskirts of Chicago University.

Waldo is a veteran of many stages. His performance as the father was outstanding. Dr. Fielding was married to a singer in the old Kay Keyser band, Sue Bennett. I admit to having a crush on her. Whenever his program was on the boob tube, I was there, on the edge of my seat, looking only at this beautiful lady.

Christina P. was the sister who lived in New York. This lovely looking girl did a fine job with this part. It is a role that doesn't endear her to the audience, but you couldn't help but sympathize with her position.

It took me several minutes to take to him, but as the play progressed, Brian's character became believable. He looked the part of a new breed professor. He should do well in the theater.

Christina S. W. was the stay at home sister. I last saw Chris a couple of years ago. At that time I thought she was kind of pretty, and could act a little. Well, she is still good to look at, but now she can act up a storm. Seldom off the stage, she turned in a brilliant performance as a mixed up girl of twenty-five. Anger or elation, an argument or a love scene, her work in this show was close to perfection. I could even see tears falling at one point. I am going to look for her name in the future.

Al's direction was excellent. A good piece of direction can be over looked, only a bad one is noticed. His sets matched his directing.

The Footlighters is another of the small venues who give us inexpensive nights out. A tiny comfortable Theater, with easy access and plenty of parking. It has been in existence since 1924, and has put on 227 productions.

"Proof" (till 28 August)
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