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reviewed by The Old Grump

"I Hate Hamlet"
by Paul Rudnick

directed by dean calusdian
costume design by daniel kozar
lighting design by michael j. teixeira
set design by laura mc pherson
sound design by dramatic sound

Felicia Dantine - Katherine McDonald
Andrew Rally - Bill Stambaugh
Deidre McDavey - Anne O'Loughlin
Lillian Troy - Susan Barry
John Barrymore - Chris Cardoni
Gary Peter Lefkowitz - Paul Warner

I enjoy a good laugh. I also enjoy good acting. This play, with this cast, gave me what I wanted. A fun night out at a reasonable cost. The humor was bawdy at times, beyond suggestive, more to the point.

Susan, very good as the older agent who, several years before, had a fling with Barrymore.

Katherine had wonderful body expressions. Her hands alone told a story.

Paul looked natural as a money oriented producer.

Anne was indeed a starry eyed virgin. Did she loose her innocence? Maybe. Super job of acting.

Speaking of super acting, Chris used his face the way other actors use their voice. At times a raised eye brow said enough. This is an interesting role. It combines Shakespeare, with near slap stick comedy. Chris was a pleasure to watch.

I have seen Mr. Stambaugh act for several years. Bill has made a career of playing nasty guys, and playing them very realistically. Thankfully I finally had the opportunity to see him play in a comedy. His stumbling and bumbling when he met Barrymore had me in stitches. His role also demanded a variety of feelings. He was able to flip flop from comedy to straight work easily. Great job Bill.

When the two guys were dressed in their Hamlet costumes, you could say that Chris was a three soxer, but Bill was a paper Lion. I'll leave this to your imagination.

The sets, costumes, lighting and directing were on a par with the fine acting.

"I Hate Hamlet" (2 - 11 April)
Orpheum Theatre, 1 School Street, FOXBORO MA
1 (508) 543-ARTS

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