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note: entire contents copyright 2004 by Bob Guenthner a k a The Old Grump


reviewed by The Old Grump


music by benny anderson & bjorn ulvaeus
lyrics by tim rice
book by richard nelson
based on an idea by tim rice

Nyah Nyah is not a nice thing to say. It is bragging, but if you were not fortunate enough to have a ticket to this show, consider it said.

A friend who is in the show, told me how great the rehearsals were going. I then, being the person I am, went to the Theatre with a prove it to me attitude. Boy oh boy, was I shown. Splendid acting and marvelous voices were combined with a super story, giving me a memorable night out.

With a total cast numbering in the fifties, it is nearly impossible to single out individual performances.

The chess combatants were played by Michael J. Foley, and John King. The love interest was supplied by Anne McCoy. These three prove that skill alone does not bring fame. Each has the looks and the voice to be famous on the big city stage.

Michael Joseph, in a dual role, was the musical, as well as the stage director. He conducted an orchestra of twenty-three. Flawless is the only word to describe what he accomplished.

Samantha brior - jones, Paula Markowicz, and Michael Hammond each staged a section of this production, as well as being in it. I should say nice things about them, but I don't want to give them swelled heads. They know that I am crazy about them.

The audience was a Who's Who of regional Theatre. I saw a great many familiar faces. Support and appreciation runs true in regional Theatre.

Before the show I talked to four girls. One I had seen in a show, the others were new to me. I can honestly say that they all belonged in a Miss USA contest. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

The big shame is that this show is only going to be done for two nights. You couldn't have squeezed another person into the place.

The Company Theatre in Norwell has always put on superb shows. This just added to their string of successes. I eagerly await the next show.

"Chess" (18 & 19 September)
30 Accord Park Drive,NORWELL MA
1 (781) 871-2787 (ARTS)

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