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reviewed by The Old Grump

Last April I went down to New York and saw the revival of Nine. A friend was swing in the show, and brought me back stage to meet the cast. If it were not for chat with Chita Rivera and Antonio Banderas, the trip would have been considered a disappointment. The show itself was nice, big stars, but lacked life.

The shows I have been seeing at the local level have been very forgettable. My thoughts and expectations for this version of Nine were not very high. I went because it was a show in my subscription package. I must admit to having a "I don't want to be here, change my mind if you can " attitude.

Tracy Nygard started a change in my mind with her version of MY HUSBAND MAKES MOVIES. The way she sang and acted out the song was simply wonderful. My hopes began to rise.

Heather Hannon as Carla was next. Beautiful to look at and listen to. She has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years. An excellent actor on top of everything else.

Another favorite, Ben DiScipio completed my change of mind. I have seen Ben in several shows. I know he has a super voice, but his acting in this role was his best work ever. Now I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Shiba Nemat-Nassr's version of BE ITALIAN was hilarious.

UNUSUAL WAY was sung by Kate deLima. You would be hard pressed to find someone to do it better.

Linda Goetz would have Chita herself give her a standing O. She made this role her own, and captivated the audience. She was very funny when she called the old man in the front row a fibber.

The set, the costumes, the rest of the large cast, and the directing were all above my expectations. Since Ben was the understudy to James Fitzpatrick, and Heather is splitting her role with Aimee Doherty, I have to return to see it again. My only disappointment was the audience size, much smaller than it should have been. This is a show that must be seen by Theatre lovers.

Turtle Lane Playhouse
283 Melrose St.
Newton Ma
23 April / 30 May

"Nine" (23 April - 30 May)
283 Melrose Street, NEWTON
1(617) 244-0169

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