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"Flamingo Court"

Reviewed by Cindy Sue

Flamingo Court is a retirement community in Florida and the play is about the residents of two different apartments. Dominic is madly in love with Angelina who is devoted to her ailing husband. Marie is Angelina's best friend and when Angelina shares a secret with her, interesting things happen. Harry, in another apartment, is a lonely widower. His daughter Charity can't wait to get her hands on his money and Harry knows it. When Harry books a free hearing test, Mark, the salesman, gives him the idea that ?To live well is the best revenge?. First on Harry's list of things to spend money on is a lady of the evening?--- enter Chi Chi.

  Director Daniel Lee White has assembled a talented cast who know how to deliver the goods. Several of the cast members transform from one act to another. Molly Marks is lovable as Angelina and witchy as Harry's daughter Charity. Sandra Nicastro has a total makeover from dowdy neighbor Marie to the voluptuous Chi Chi. Ed Carusi is endearing as Dominic who will do anything to win Angelina's heart. Toni Annicone is delightful as Harry. W. Richard Johnson is the likeable hearing aid salesman Mark and Rick Bagley brings a real Southern charm to Walter, Charity's lawyer husband.

  Each one of the players brings energy, precise comic timing and amazing talent to their roles. The audience reacts with howls of laughter and applause.  

Tonya Free's set design and decoration is perfect from the " Florida" color scheme to the hand-painted flamingos and palm trees on the bar. Olivia M. Sahlin and Meredith Imbimbo share the role of Stage Manager and keep things running smoothly. Kudos to Fred Davidson for set construction.  

The food is always delicious, the wait staff attentive and the Cabaret performance a perfect end to a terrific evening. Especially moving was the salute to the armed forces and the song "God Bless America" with the audience proudly singing along. For a wonderful, entertaining evening don't miss "Flamingo Court".

"Flamingo Court" (6 August - 13 September)
@ 102 Connell Highway, NEWPORT RO

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