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"Flamingo Court"

Reviewed by Henryce Marie

One of the best things about The Newport Playhouse’s current production, “Flamingo Court” written by Luigi Creatore and directed by Daniel Lee White, is that you get to see two hilarious plays instead of one! The comedies take place in two separate condos in a Florida apartment complex called Flamingo Court, where a good many senior citizens reside. But who says growing older can’t be fun – and funny!

The first play finds romantic Dominic wooing his classy married neighbor Angelina, whose husband has been lying sick in bed for the past year. Angelina turns to her best friend, the more than honest Marie, for comfort and advice. Before you know it, these Italian senior citizens are off and running straight into a Hitchcock-type murder mystery!

Ed Carusi plays Dominic who will stop at nothing to marry Angelina. At first Ed is wonderfully romantic as he tries to win Angelina’s heart. Your own heart beats wildly as you root for him! But when Dominic decides to try a different approach, his clever scheming makes your heart beat erratically!

Angelina is play by Molly Marks, who dresses to the nines. And although she is one classy lady, she has a not-so-classy secret that she is hiding. She is undeniably attracted to Dominic, and Molly successfully and cleverly displays a myriad of emotions and characteristics. Her love of soap operas will bring tears to your eyes!

And let us not forget Sandra Nicastro as Marie, the glue that holds this messy love situation together. She is priceless with her no holds barred advice and sly, under the radar witticisms. She is on-the-mark reminiscent of anyone’s Italian nana!

Lastly, there is Angelina’s husband, a man of few words, who loves his wife’s soup.

To see how this all pans out, make sure you catch this comedy!

“Flamingo Court’s” second play is a wacky romp about Harry, an 89-year-old widower with a witch of a daughter named Charity, whose husband Walter is a lawyer. Harry is a miserable old Grinch but with good cause. Charity and Walter’s goal is to get their hands on Harry’s money via his will, by hook or by crook. But not to worry! Harry himself has some schemes up his sleeve, which include Mark, a hearing aid salesman, and Chi-Chi, an aging hooker who caters to seniors. Add a ghost to this crazy mix, and the laughter is nonstop!

Tony Annicone turns in a flawless performance as crotchety old Harry. He plays cantankerous to the hilt, from his ornery interaction with Mark to his surliness with Charity and Walter. However, he is amusingly entertaining when Chi-Chi enters the picture! One of his priceless bits is the secret he keeps hidden in his closet!

Enter Molly Marks (again!), this time as Charity. She plays greedy and condescending like nobody’s business. Her husband Walter is cunningly played by Rick Bagley, who is totally believable as the straight-laced Southern lawyer. Richard Johnson is perfect as Mark, the hearing aid salesman. He administers the hearing test with great aplomb and does his best to maintain his professionalism while dealing with Harry.

Sandra Nicastro is also back, this time as Chi-Chi the hooker. Her come-hither approach, let alone her prostitute attire, will have you in stitches! She is quick tongued and full of sugar and spice!

In the end, the ghost uses his supernatural powers to his fullest advantage and leads you to the conclusion of this wonderful story!

Stage Managers Meredith Imbimbo and Olivia Sahlin keep “Flamingo Court” moving with music and lights.

And Kudos to Fred Davison for constructing a great set and to Tonya Free for her painting and color scheme.

A delightful cabaret, which includes singing, dancing, and lots of jokes, follows “Flamingo Court.” This cabaret includes a heartwarming tribute to our armed forces that you won’t want to miss!

And of course, an afternoon or evening at The Newport Playhouse always starts with their sumptuous buffet with service by their friendly and attentive wait staff.

So don’t miss out on a great time! Catch “Flamingo Court” at The Newport Playhouse before it’s too late. Closes September 13, 2015.

"Flamingo Court" (6 August - 13 September)
@ 102 Connell Highway, NEWPORT RO

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