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Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Renaissance City Theatre Company, the producing entity at the Granite Theatre's summer show is the hilarious comedy "Social Security" by Andrew Bergman. The domestic tranquility of David and Barbara Kahn, a couple of married art dealers is shattered by the wife's nerdy sister, Trudy and her uptight CPA husband, Martin, when they decide to leave her archetypal Jewish mother, Sophie with them to try to save their daughter from the horrors of living for sex. The comic sparks really fly when the mother hits it off with an elderly artist who is the art dealers best client. Director Geoff Latham makes his performers deliver their humorous one liners properly winning them many laughs along the way.

Geoff blocks the show beautifully and elicits topnotch performances from his six member cast. The gorgeous and opulent living room set is by David Jepson. Jude Pescatello commands the stage as David. He is a terrific actor who knows how to deliver a punch line perfectly. His facial expressions and interactions with his fellow cast members are splendid. Genevra Stewart plays the long suffering wife who must now deal with her difficult mother living with them. She and Jude interact with each other wonderfully. Genervra and Jude are hilarious in their dancing scene when they go down behind the sofa to have sex and are caught trying to have sex at 1:30 in the afternoon. Her reactions with her mother and sister are priceless.

Denise Izzi is a hoot as the nerdy, Trudy. She has many comic moments along the way especially in her argument scene with Martin and her crying about being the only one not having sex. Denise's facial expressions are topnotch, too. Robert Kelly is also nerdy as her hen pecked husband who must give into her every whim. Later on the show, he turns the tables on her. His funniest line is the menagerie line when he means menage a trois and his snorting laugh is very funny, too.

Judy George plays the cranky, Sophie who transforms before our eyes once she meets the man of her dreams. She first enters with her walker but receives gales of laughter when she throws her robe off revealing her underwear. Sophie also spills the beans about her granddaughter's naughty behavior because she has the true story. Maurice Koenig, the elderly artist is marvelously played by Rick Bagley, complete with a Jewish accent. When he is thrown in a closet on his first entrance is a laugh out loud moment. Rick charms Sophie and the audience in this debonair role. So for a humorous evening of theatre, be sure to catch "Social Security" by the Renaissance City Theatre Company at the beautiful Granite Theatre in Westerly.

SOCIAL SECURITY (24 June to 24 July)
Renaissance City Theatre Company, Granite Theatre, 1 Granite Street, Westerly, RI
1(401)596-2341 or

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