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"Boeing, Boeing"

Reviewed by Richard Pacheco

Boeing Boeing, currently at Trinity Repertory Theater in Providence is a merry romp, a madcap farce with non-stop laughter. Playwright Marc Camoletti keeps the pace relentless and potential hilarious disaster around very corner in this tale about a conniving architect keeping three fiancés on the hook simultaneously.

Bernard, an American Architect living in Paris deftly juggles his three fiancés with nimble aplomb, until faster jets and weather changes bring it all crashing down on his head with hilarious results and nimble attempts to sidestep disaster.

It all starts with Bernard’s school chum, Robert arrives unexpectedly. Bernard unfolds his clever feat of juggling three airline flight attendants simultaneously to his friend and suggest he try it. Trouble starts when faster airplanes and unpredictable weather puts the kibosh on his carefully calculated love machine. One right after another it seems like the stewardesses will collide with each in Bernard’s apartment dragging the hapless Robert and the dour and frustrated housekeeper Bertha into the fray to put things right and keep the women from meeting each other.

Joe Wilson, Jr. is delightful as the slick and debonair Bernard. He has an air about him of both Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra with his devil may care attitude and confidence. He has his erotic world under control, without any flaws—until today. He starts out the epitome of cool and sleek, and ends up a collapsing bundle of nerves as he world threatens to implode. His expression are priceless from cool to terrified as his world threatens to collapse around him.

Stephen Thorne is energetic and charming as Bernard’s longtime friend, Robert, a shy man who finds himself caught up in this love disaster. Thorne effortless glides from terrified to increasingly confident as opportunities arise and he can prove he does not lose his head in a disaster. He is rich in comic expressions and frantic energy.

Rebecca Gibel is excellent as the American, Gloria. She is feisty and forward, unafraid and confident. She is sexy and seductive, full of energy.

Liz Morgan is the volatile Italian, Gabriella. She is a passionate firecracker, full of emotions and zest. She is vital and energetic, sexy and stubborn.

The last of the fiancés, Amanda Dolan as Gretchen is the epitome of both German precision and passion. She is determined to do what is best for her. She is non nonsense and yet seething passionate underneath. It’s an entrancing performance full of sass and sexiness.

Nance Williamson is sheer comic pleasure as the ever present, always dour and often sarcastic maid, Bertha. This French maid finds herself in the midst of this unlikely conspiracy that simply wears her nerves thin. Every time she turns around there is a different meals to prepare, flowers to change in the vase and pillows to change on the couch depending on the fiancé to show up.

Director Fred Sullivan Jr. keeps the pacing relentless, the comedy broad and uproarious.

Patrick Lynch’s set design is elegant and delectable. William Lane’s costumes are chic and elegant.

It will continue at Trinity Repertory Theater until May 13, 2012. in the upstairs theater. Box office: 401-351-4242 Ticket prices range from $15 for Bench seat to $56 for prime seating. You may also purchase tickets online at:

"Boeing, Boeing" (till 13 May)
@ 201 Washington Street, PROVIDENCE RI

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