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"Venus in Fur"

by David Ives

Directed by Daniel Goldstein

Costume Design by Charles Schoonmaker
Sound Design by Darron L. West
Casting by Alaine Alldaffer
Lighting Design by M. L. Geiger
Scenic Design by Matt Saunders
Stage Manager Kevin Schlagle
Production Stage Manager Emily F. McMullen


Thomas............Chris Kipiniak
Vanda...........Andrea Syglowski

A Review by Larry Stark

Fuck the nit-pickers and idea-shavers; David Ives' 90-minute "Venus in Fur" is an unmitigated smash-hit deserving of your time and attention. In answer to everybody's quibbling indecision, It IS Pornography***, but its interfolded metaphors redeem a much-maligned genre usually characterized by wretchedly bad writing and repetitiously boring ideas. It starts out with a startlingly simple metaphor: which one is in control; the writer/director or the actress trying to bring lines to life convincingly? Since the play is about the novel that invented Masoch-ism, all the interweaving metaphors serve, finally, that one initial conflict.
Don't knock pornography; I've written some myself. (You want to read some? CLICK HERE Just because almost all of it is wretchedly written --- some of the worst writing ever published is by The Marquis deSade! --- Pornography should not be ignored; I mean, Pierre Louys wrote his "Aphrodite" in French, too, but look at the difference!

Before the curtain rose, I heard someone say "This is a two-actor play; can two people handle the vastness of the Huntington's stage?" Answer: Yes, they can! I just flipped through Nine reviews by people trying to write Interesting Things about the show; everyone heaped deserved praise on Chris Kipiniak as The Director, Andrea Syglowski as The Actress, and on THEIR Director Daniel Goldstein --- and on David Ives. Here, sample their praises yourself:

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There can be only one more thing to say: Go, and see it for yourself!

"Venus in Fur" (3 January - 2 February)
@ 264 Huntington Avenue, BOSTON MA