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"The T Plays"

Sound Design by Barlow Adamson
Production Manager John Edward O'Brien
Stage Manager Jeremy Johnson

This will not be a review. The five plays I will list below will disappear by Sunday morning --- unless some of them get enough audience votes to be reprised a week from now. But if I even try to summarize the plots, it could be called, well "electioneering" in an exceptional event in which competition is not at all what's important. Instead of reviewing, let me explain what went on:
The Mill 6 Collaborative looked around for ten playwrights, ten directors, and twenty actors --- all of them brave and inventive theater people. A team of writer and director then rode one of the five colorful lines of The T. The writer got 24 hours to write a script, the actors got a day of rehearsal and then, out-a-the-hat, after one tech-rehearsal the five ten-minute plays were thrown into the laps of the audience. The faint smells of adrenalin and coffee might be apparent, but the quality of Everyone's contribution in every one of the plays (so far!) is astonishing. Each playlet took place "on the T", so a bare stage with five chairs were the sets, and lighting-effects were minimal, and each one featured two people. That's about it.

What happens on The T? Well, what happens when two people stuck in a temporary delay notice they're using the same words on their cell-phones? What if father and son are a little late for a wedding? What if a T-lover tries to convince a car-driver that The T is really The Way To Go? What if a born-again proselyte tries to convert a homeless woman? What if two articulate dolphins get on at Aquarium Station?

THAT's what happens on The T!
And these, so far, are the brave people who make it happen:


"La Vie en Orange"

Written by Ginger Lazarus
on The ORANGE Line

Directed by Barlow Adamson

Mike Bash & Julie Specht

"Jaggedly Edged"

Written by Carl Danielson
on The SILVER Line

Directed by Jeremy Johnson

Brashani Reece & Irene Daly

"Lost in Transit"

Written by Forrest Walker
on The GREEN Line

Directed by A. Nora Long

Rodney Raftery & George Saulnier

"Permissive Signals"

Written by William Donnelly
on The RED Line

Directed by Antoine A. Gagnon

Greer Rooney & Andrew Winson

"Please Report Any Suspicious Activity"

Written by Rick Park
on The BLUE Line

Directed by Meg Taintor

Tony Dangerfield & Rafael Marinho & George Saulnier

Next week there will be five new (Very New) plays in what they'll call "The Outbound Run" and the week-end after will highlight the five plays chosen by the audience. If you're part of the audience, you'll be able to vote. But The Factory Theatre seats only 52 and there's not much time left.

What are you waiting for?

( a k a larry stark)

"The T Plays --- The Inbound Run" (17 - 20 September)
@ The Factory Theatre, "791 Tremont Street" (Entrance from Northampton Street), BOSTON MA
1 (617)240-6317

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