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"Aloha, Say The Pretty Girls"

by Naomi Iizuka
Directed by Krista D'Agostino

Set Design by Sarah Wolf
Costume Design by Haris Lefteri
Lighting Design by Greg Jutkiewicz
Sound Technician Stacey Robarge
Special Costume/Props Designed by Deb Shea
Master Painter Angela Martino
Dramaturg Lydia Anderson
Graphic Design by Daniel Scott Morris
Assistant Stage Manager Patsy Lizette Morris
Stage Manager Vawnya Nichols

Will..............Mauro Canepa
Vivian...........Melissa Pharr
Joy............Mary-Liz Murray
Martin.............Bob Mussett
Myrna...........Natalie Cowell
Peter..........Gideon Bautista
Wendy..........Carolyn Charpie
Derek................Mac Young
Jason............Victor Shopov
Billy...........Mikey DiLoreto
Richard...Kenny Steven Fuentes

In this play, things just Happen. Yes, that lets Other things happen as well, but there are several strings of these things happening, and, yeah, the strings Do cross occasionally, people bump into one another. But, well, that's really It. Don't go expecting everything to add up and Mean anything. Just, Go with the Flow, enjoy the oddball characters, groove on the quick language and watch unexpected characters do unexpected things. You'll have a good, laugh-filled time. Be glad you're bewildered, and watch these eleven enjoyable people bounce off each other as though this were less a play than a pin-ball machine.

Krista D'Agostino the Producing Artistic Director says Holland Productions is really just two people --- herself and Marketing Manager & Playwright in Residence Emily Dendinger --- but they found eleven delightful, carefully-matched actors who know how to have fun with a show such as this, and almost as many technical people to dress and light and otherwise suport them, and turned them all loose on this wacky string of thin-sections-of-life. Everyone gets a moment, or many moments actually, and everyone including the audience has a good time.

Oh, if you happened to see the stuent production of this same play at Zero Arrow Street a few weeks back, you should try to see this one as well. It's not as polished, but for this sort of show that's a Good thing, and this cast is really fast getting into characters and getting them on stage --- and the stage at The Factory is so small the show unfolds almost in your lap wherever you're sitting, and that's a good thing too.

"Aloha, Say The Pretty Girls" (27 March - 4 April)
The Factory Theatre, round the back of 791 Tremont Street, BOSTON, MA

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