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Class Act

Reviewed by Janine de Souza

They say good things come in small packages and the F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company, an up-in-coming powerhouse in the theatrical community, does not disappoint.

Their newest production, BARE, is anything but! Brimming with riveting and relatable characters, this rock/pop musical details the complicated journey of a group of friends winding their way through their senior year at a Catholic boarding school. This isn’t your little sister’s musical and it ain’t GREASE! It’s a poignant tale of pregnancy, homosexuality, drugs, suicide, and the relevance and complete indifference of the Catholic church in the lives of today’s youth. The simple beauty of BARE is its bare bones scenery and costumes which skillfully accentuate the raw underpinnings of the typical high school hierarchy. Some things never change! Oh, don’t you remember the popular girl, the class nerd, and the captain of the football team? Jason (brilliantly played by Samuel Moscoso), the high school heartthrob and Peter (sensitively portrayed by Trevor Croft), a shy introvert, share more than a room at school. They are passionate lovers, but only one of them wants to proverbially “come out of the closet” to reveal their relationship. Their secret is finally exposed with dramatic results. To counterbalance these thought-provoking issues, the musical erupts with some deliciously irreverent songs by Nadia (Keri-Ann Maguire) and Sister Chantelle (Lara Simpson) with her sassy backup singers Kyra (AnneMarie Alvarez) and Tanya (Kira Cowan) in such numbers as “911! Emergency,” “Plain Jane Fat Ass,” “Birthday Bitch,” and “God Don’t Make No Trash”. Standout performances by the above make this the must-see musical of the season.

Joe DeMita’s savvy direction wrings every ounce of emotion out of the youthful cast who fearlessly bare their souls to the audience. Overall, this production is at the top of its class!

Due to its popularity, BARE has been extended until Friday, August 8th at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown. Get your tickets now before the bell rings!

"Bare" (25 July - 8 August)
@ Arsenal Center for The Arts, 321 Arsenal Street, WATERTOWN MA
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