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From: "Carl Rossi"
Subject: Papa, could you please post this in the greenroom?
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 20:30:20 +0000

Fellow Artists:
I am attaching a petition on behalf of the Friends of the Gaiety Theatre for members of Boston's theatre community to sign to support the preservation of our historic Gaiety Theatre on Washington Street. Town Hall needs to know that our theatre community is aware that a valuable part of Boston history risks demolition in the name of gentrification.
Please read the petition and contact me saying that you will allow me to attach your name, your title, any theatre(s) with which you are associated and, if willing, your e-mail address.
Example: Carl A. Rossi / Playwright /
On 15 November, I will draw up a list of accumlated names, attach it to the petition and e-mail it to the Friends of the Gaiety who will then forward it to Town Hall.
Whether or not you plan to sign this petition, please alert other artists who would be interested - the Friends of the Gaiety need as many artists' names as possible. I was told a similarly-signed petition helped to save the Opera House; if so, then lightning could possibly strike twice for the Gaiety.
Thank you!
Carl A. Rossi

* * *

To Whom It May Concern:
We, the artists of Bostonís theatre community, do hereby declare that the Gaiety Theatre located at 659 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts, deserves to be preserved and re-established as a performing space for the following reasons:
1. The Gaiety fulfills three criteria for landmark designation as specified in Section 4 of Chapter 772 of the Acts of 1975: (a) the Gaiety is Bostonís last remaining example of a vaudeville/burlesque house; (b) the Gaiety has the distinction of being the only remaining one of two Boston theatres that regularly presented African-American performers during the Jazz Age and is thus a vital chapter in African-American history; (c) the Gaiety is one of Bostonís few remaining theatres designed by noted architect Clarence Blackall who set new precedents with his engineering and acoustical designs.
2. The Gaietyís auditorium has been tested and found to be structurally intact with excellent acoustics that would be perfect for chamber ensembles, small-to-mid-scale productions and jazz concerts.
3. The Gaietyís preservation and reestablishment would serve a need for those companies desperately in need of performing space who cannot acquire bookings in Bostonís established houses and would preserve the character of its immediate neighborhood (i.e. Chinatown). 4. The Gaiety was designated by Boston's Midtown Cultural District zoning and Boston Landmarks Commission as, ď...worthy of preservation.Ē
Affixed are our signatures/titles as of this ____ day of ___________, 2004.
[signature list]

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