DEFINITION The Fringes of Boston Theater

The Fringes of Boston Theater

"Freedom's just another word
for Nothing Left to Lose"

What's a "fringe" theatre?

The classic Fringe Theater Group rents or borrows space to perform, presents plays out of love of theater, and cannot afford to buy advertising.
They are often small --- some seat under a hundred people --- and young --- students in or just out of college --- and usually committed to doing plays that Say Something rather than make money.
Here in Boston, Fringe runs the gamut from small start up groups to established professional theatres performing in intimate spaces. Each powerful in its own way.
Since their performance-spaces are small, the action takes place almost in the audience's laps, making the rise of an eyebrow as important as a full-body gesture.
What these people need isn't really fame, or money --- just appreciative audiences who like good theater; because when you do a play but nobody comes, it's really just a rehearsal.
The people who make theater on this level, whatever their ages, do it out of a love of what they do --- they love theater, and theater is, always, made out of people.
But they need you.
You Do love good theater, don't you?
Or else --- you wouldn't have noticed that ad, would you?

( a k a larry stark, of The Theater Mirror )

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