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"Eurydice" by Sarah Ruhl
Contemporary Theater Co.

Theater Review by Cindy Sue

I'll freely admit I enjoy comedy more than tragedy but this production was beautiful. It tells the story of Eurydice who dies on her wedding day and journeys to the Underworld where she is reunited with her father. Her husband, Orpeus finds his way to the Underworld where he hopes to bring her back with him.

The set design by Shawn Fennell and Christopher J. Simpson is sparse to look at but cleverly works for each scene from the beach to the Underworld. The back wall is decorated with letters written by community members to their loved ones far away or no longer with them; reading them afterwards was quite moving.

I especially liked the use of light and shadow play and the Lord of the Underworld tricycle designed and constructed by Tim Cashman was wonderful. The music for the show performed by South Kingston high school students Dan Ko, Rachel Plummer & Emily Wyncek gently complimented each scene.

Meghan Rose Donnelly plays Eurydice with grace and innocense, she is a joy to watch. Maxwell Matthews as Orpheus deftly protrays a man who is more comfortable with music than words but whose love for Eurydice leads him to confront the Lord of the Underworld to demand her return. Steph Rodgers plays dual roles as Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld and handles both admirably. Kevin Killavey is excellent in his portrayal of Eurydice's Father. Especially moving is his letter to her on her wedding day. Amy Lee Connell, Christopher J. Simpson and Christine Couchon round out the cast as the Stones. They rock in every scene and steal some too! In his notes Director Shawn Fennell says "by moving through a re-presentation of the inconceivable, we become able to face it not only with dread, but also with awe." He and his cast have truly presented a show that brings us face to face with death yet leaves us uplifted by the encounter.

The Contemporary Theater Co. is presenting just three more performances of "Eurydice" by Sarah Ruhl October 27, 28 and 29th at the South Kingstown High School...don't miss it! 401-218-0282

"Eurydice" (27 - 29 October)
@ South Kingstown High School, SOUTH KENSINGTON RI

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