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"Bermuda Avenue Triangle"

Reviewed by Cindy Killavey

If laughter is the best medicine, a trip to see "Bermuda Avenue Triangle" at the Newport Playhouse may just cure whatever ails you! This delightful comedy takes place at a retirement village condo in Las Vegas, Nevada where two concerned daughters played by Jessica Grossman and Cathy Andreozzi have re-located their mothers. The move from New York is not a happy one. Sandy Nicastro who portrays Jessica's Italian mother complains about the color scheme--"Pepto Bismol pink and Vicks green" while Jewish mama Molly Marks has her daughter in a dither over her eating habits.

When the rabbi/activities director Tony Annicone appeared to welcome the new tenants the audience exploded with laughter. He invites the two ladies to sign up for a group trip. After some misgivings the pair decide to give it a try and go along.

When the ladies lag behind the group they are accosted by a mugger and a handsome, though inebriated stranger played by Rick Bagley saves them. They show their gratitude by bringing him home with them. That act of charity has a life changing effect on all of them.

Sandy Nicastro is perfect as the Italian mama who uses her religious statues to ward off danger. Molly Marks is spot on as the Jewish mother, never overplaying the role. Daughters Jessica Grossman and Cathy Andreozzi are suitably frustrated, angry and loving in turn. Toni is delightful as the rabbi/activities director and Rick Bagley turns in a wonderful performance as the down on his luck gambler and gigolo. The scenes between the "changed" seniors and Rick are hysterical.

The show only runs through May 15th so get your tickets now. The food is plentiful, the staff terrific, the play not to be missed and the cabaret is the sweet ending to a wonderful evening.

"Bermuda Avenue Triangle" (till 15 May)
@ 102 Connell Highway, NEWPORT RI
1 (401)848-PLAY (7529)

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