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God Save Our Gracious King

By Beverly Creasey

The most adorable monarch you will ever meet is reigning at Zeitgeist Stage Company this month. Brian Quint plays the famous “mad,” or rather in this play, “madcap” King Ludwig of Bavaria (in Paul Rudnick’s wacky VALHALA, at the BCA through May 5th). Quint is so charming that you may forget there’s another plot vying for attention in Rudnick’s romp. The fun comes from watching the six Zeitgeist actors portray the thousands (I’m exaggerating a wee bit) of characters in both story lines.

Rudnick’s off-the-wall play strives to be a metaphor for truth and beauty. Forget Rudnick’s lofty intentions, the play is a knockdown, drag out hoot, with the emphasis on the ‘drag.’ Co-directors Rick Park and David Miller know their way around farce and the cast delivers like gangbusters. The comedy is over the top and round the bend and I couldn’t have loved it more even if I understood why Rudnick felt obliged to bring in a tour guide to tell us about the real mad King. Who cares. We already adore this one.

Maureen Adduci is sublime as the ferocious queen mother (and more!). Rick Park is hilarious in any costume (and Seth Bodie’s are divine right down to the Lederhosen for Park’s towheaded two year old). Christopher Brophy is dashing, literally, as the German P.E. instructor and delish as the object of affection of a Texas badboy, smugly, smolderingly portrayed by Jon Ferreira. Elisa MacDonald is delightful in all her guises, humpback or no.

If you enjoy giggles of the naughty, even shameless, variety, VALHALA is your heaven.

"Valhallah" (13 April - 3 May)
Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont Street, BOSTON MA
1 (617) 482-3279

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