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A Review by Beverly Creasey

Boy, are you lucky if you live in Allston-Brighton. You go out to one of the chic (and there are oodles to choose from) coffee houses in the area for a latte or a little work on your laptop, and surprise, surprise, you get a play! The Spontaneous Theater Project finds unconventional ways for Bostonians to experience theater. Their site-specific productions include last summer’s THE SHAPE OF THINGS (about an art student and her unusual “project”) in an actual South End gallery ---and their current SURE THING (about a love connection at a café) at an actual café. The Second Cup Café is a hip new bôite near Harvard and Brighton Ave and CafeNation in Brighton Center has the best crepes around. Now it has the best theater around.

Will Wheeler and Brooke Haney portray the hapless singles who blunder their way into a date. (You may remember Haney from this past summer’s laundromat play which took place, yes, in a busy Brighton laundromat. Now you’re catching on!) David Ives’ hip, hysterical SURE THING unites two strangers in gridlock, trying over and over to say the right thing. “May I sit here?” Wheeler gently asks Haney in the first micro-scene. “No,” she growls. Scene over. Bell rings and they start all over again. “It’s all in the timing,” he wryly comments. He’s not just whistling Dixie. It’s all in Ives’ split second timing, which Wheeler and Haney have down to a quark. Both are deft comedians, delivering deadpan hilarity. Director Chris Carcione knows his way around comedy and the rapid fire mini-scenes gallop to a happy confluence of taste, temperament and mutual attraction. And we get all the laughs.

"Sure Thing" (14 & 15 December)
@ Second Cup Cafe & @ Cafe Nation, in ALSTON, MA
1 (617)???-????

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