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note: entire contents copyright 2007 by Beverly Creasey

Hearty SOUP du Jour

Reviewed By Beverly Creasey

LOST AND FOUND is Queer Soup Theater’s anniversary program of six quirky one-acts and one hilarious mocumentary in celebration of five years together (at the Boston Playwrights Theatre through July 21st). Kathy Wittman’s spoof of E Television’s celebrity profiles traces the humble beginnings --- and monumental accomplishments of Queer Soup’s founding members, with Brian Jewell portraying all the significant, and insignificant, people in their lives. THE TRUE HOMOGENIZED STORY is a hoot.

The plays are all short and bittersweet, except for Jess Martin’s outrageous foray into the tournament world of miniature golf, where Kathy Wittman and Cheryl Singleton vie for the attentions of Mal Malme. Whether Singleton plays it goofy or straight, she’s mesmerizing. Malme seems to be channeling Sam Shepard for his reticent strength and Becca Lewis scores a triumph in Betsy Phillips’ country western-coming out gem, I’M SO LONESOME I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Paul Dixon niftily manages a father’s heartbreak in Renee Farster’s touching MAGILLICUTTI and Wittman and Singleton make Lyralen Kaye’s PARIS a lot more than a “Will she or won’t she stay” play. Both Malme’s New Orleans play and Ginger Lazarus’ post 9-ll dramas pack a subtle punch by making the BIG picture small and personal. After all, it’s Queer Soup’s mission to “cultivate new works that introduce, unite, and incite audiences by using laughter to smuggle ideas across society’s borders.” Mission Accomplished!

"Lost + Found" ( 28 June - 21 July)
@ Boston Playwrights' Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Avenue, BOSTON MA
1 (617)824-4297

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